You Be the Chemist (YBTC)

The Challenge  is an academic competition for students in grades 5-8, where the excitement and value of chemistry takes center stage! By middle school, most U.S. students have not studied chemistry as its own subject. Participating in a Challenge offers a critical exposure to this content.

Students compete individually by answering multiple choice questions in a bee-style competition, starting with a Local Challenge in their community. Students can advance to a State Challenge, and even ultimately to the National Challenge.

MOLE participates at local Middle Schools by providing hands on demonstrations that coordinate with the material YBTC provides to students for the competition.

Celebrate Science

Mission: Celebrate Science Indiana (CSI) aims to highlight the importance and value of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education, research, and careers to Indiana and all Hoosiers.


  • Promote a shared vision among industry, education and the public of the importance of STEM-related skills in our economy, environment, health systems, and social systems
  • Encourage Indiana citizens to remain in Indiana and contribute to and work in a STEM-related discipline
  • Create interest among students early in their careers to explore, pursue, and persist towards a STEM-based education and career field
  • Demonstrate and encourage participation in inquiry and exploration from a scientist’s perspective
  • Highlight the work of educators, including university faculty, members of the I-STEM network, and the Indiana Department of Education that are related to STEM education and research
  • Strengthen the network among constituencies for whom STEM education is critical for success

MOLE participates as an exhibitor.

Ignite Your Superpower

"Ignite Your Superpower” is an event to inspire middle school girls to discover more about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) through participation in hands-on experiments, interactions with female role-models and fun-filled learning on a college campus.

The students will have the opportunity to meet and talk to female professionals and role models working in the hi-tech field with Indiana-based companies and schools including Rolls-Royce, Eli Lilly, Purdue University and many more. The goal is to ignite their passion and curiosity to prepare for future careers.

MOLE works collaboratively to host a booth at the event.

American Chemical Society Affiliations

MOLE participates in local ACS events to provide students with career and networking opportunities.


ACS Baseball Game

Think Like a Molecule

Chemistry Day

Multidisciplinary Collaborations within the School of Science

MOLE participates in Multidisciplinary events within the School of Science and on campus to provide collaborative opportunities as well as to allow students in the Department of Chemistry to meet and communicate with other graduate students.


Social Mixer

Multidisciplinary Symposium: Summer 2018