Choosing a PI

A Principal Investigator (PI) will be your supervisor and mentor for your time as a graduate student in the Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology at IUPUI. After you are accepted as a student in the department, choosing a PI is the next major objective.  Your PI will guide your research endeavors, poster/article/presentation preparation, and give advice on possible post-graduation opportunities. They are the person you communicate with on a regular basis, so be nice to them and choose wisely. PI's in our department cover all the major areas of Chemistry. Computational, Bioanalytical, Forensic, Electrochemical, Organic Synthesis, Inorganic Synthesis, Radical Chemistry, Materials Science, and more are areas of research for our faculty.

Selecting a Graduate Advisory Committee

The advisory committee is made up of four members including your Thesis Advisor. Two members must be in your major area of study (analytical, biochem, organic, etc.,) one member outside must be outside the major area, and the final member can be either in or outside of the major area.

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