Getting That Money: Grant Writing

Description: The GradGrants Center at IU Bloomington spoke on the basics of writing a grant.  Content for this presentation included but was not limited to: locating grants, tips for drafting a proposal, and writing a winning grant.  More information about the GradGrants Center can be found at:


Grad Grants Office IU Presentation

Deciding on a Career: Job Panel

Description: MOLE hosted individuals from industry and academia to speak about their experiences in the workforce.  Representation from Eli Lilly, Indiana State Department of Toxicology, and IUPUI were all present.

Communicating Through Written Word: Writing Papers

Description: Dr. Glen Jackson is a professor at West Virginia University specializing in mass spectrometry instrumentation development for forensic and biological applications.  He is the editor of Forensic Chemistry.  Dr. Jackson gave his best tips for scientific writing and editing of manuscripts

Glen Jackson

Getting the Interview: Cover Letters, CVs, and Resumes

Description: Adam Meyers is a versatile chemist and leader with a wide range of pharmaceutical experience ranging from synthesis to contract analytical (cGMP and GLP), with a focus on in vitro comparative analysis (bioequivalence, dissolution, diffusion, volatilization, and solubility), as well as leadership experience both in the laboratory and beyond, including extensive American Chemical Society (ACS) roles.  Adam currently serves as a Sr. Research Investigator at SSCI, a Division of Albany Molecular Research.  Currently in the ACS, Adam serves as a member of the national Committee on Science, in addition to his work as a career consultant.  Adam holds a Ph.D. in organic chemistry from Purdue University.  He spoke with MOLE about key documents, search tips, and interview keys.

IUPUI Career Talk_Jan 2019

Making an Impression: Interviewing Skills

Description: Angela Espada worked in the Law School admissions office at IUPUI before moving on to a career consultant position.  She provides valuable guidance and instruction to assist prospective graduate and professional school applicants with mock interviews, application and personal essay review.  Topics Angela covered included, but are not limited to: the importance of interviews, how to prepare for an interview, tips to interviewing.

Interview Preparation Talk

What to Expect When You Defend: Passing Your Thesis or Dissertation

Description: MOLE has invited recent graduates and professors to speak on the logistics of preparing for and writing your dissertation.