These are additional requirements specified by IUPUI for graduate students to complete before graduation.

Plan of Study

An approved Plan of Study form GS Form 4 should be submitted prior to the end of the third semester. The plan must absolutely be submitted before the Preliminary Examination takes place. The plan should include course work and your two credits of chem seminar. Research credits will not be recorded on this form.

20 credit hours of approved graduate courses including:

i. 9 credit hours in the primary major area

ii. 9 credit hours outside the major area, in at least two other (separate) areas

iii. Among items 3a(i) and 3a(ii), 12 credit hours must be approved 600-level courses

iv. 2 credits of CHEM 69500 Seminar


Poster Session

3rd semester PhD thesis students are expected to participate in the Departmental Poster Session held every Fall semester; this important event serves as a Progress Review for thesis students and also assists in developing presentation skills and preparation for the final thesis defense.

Formal Literature Seminar

Before the end of the 6th semester students must present a formal (Lit) seminar. The timing and content of the seminar must be approved by the candidate’s committee and the faculty member in charge of the seminar program.